Wednesday, 4/30


1. Reminder- Bring money or lunch for tomorrow’s field trip

2. Finish the Digging vs. Sundays Chart, Write your original poem (based on the value of hard work), Record Unit 16 word- this is all due FRIDAY


1. Complete the Whitman Values chart

2. Write your original poem based on one of Whitman’s values (you are handing this in).


Tuesday, 4/29

Juniors- Read and annotate “I Hear America Singing” and “When I Heard the Learned Astronomer”


Complete the TPCASTT process for “Those Winter Sundays” and write an analytical assertion on this poem (your assertion may be about anything you notice- for example a theme, use of device etc.)

Monday, 4/28

Sophomores- 1. Define Poetry Terms 2. Pronoun Errors

Juniors- Read and annotate “Song of Myself” on pages 146-147. Be sure that you have the poetry terms on page 140-141 defined (this was a previous homework assignment).

Friday, 4/11


1. Finish the classwork if you didn’t (chapter 16 work and the manifesto)

2. Study for the Romanticism Test- it is Monday


1. Finish reading The Catcher in the Rye

2. Begin to prep for Tuesday’s Socratic Seminar

3. Write a proposal for the Creative Project- it must be typed, printed, and handed in on Monday.