Friday, 3/27

Juniors- Romanticism 21-40 sentences

Sophomores- Define the following terms IN YOUR NOTEBOOKS (there isn’t enough room on the front of the packet).

The first 12      Rhyme Scheme—> Quatrain/ Sestet/ Octet


Thursday, 3/26

Juniors- Read and annotate “Thanatopsis” beginning on page 92. Do a very thorough job for full credit.

Sophomores- Period 4- Write Unit 13 original sentences. Period 5- none

Friday, 3/20


1. Read and annotate all of page 82- including the tenants

2. define all terms on page 83

Period 6 reminder- Rewrites due Monday, I will not accept any late papers.


MCAS Long Comp outline (worth a quiz grade)

Thursday, 3/19

Sophomores- Study for the Unit 12 vocab quiz- it is tomorrow

Juniors- Study for the Romanticism 1-20 Quiz, it is tomorrow

*I have moved the Period 6 Gatsby Resubmission deadline to Monday, 3/23 due to my absence this week* 

Friday the 13th!

Sophomores- Your Willy Loman as Tragic Hero papers are due Monday, 3/16. They must be PRINTED and on TURNITIN by the beginning of class or it’s considered late. 

Juniors- Your Poetry Projects are due by Monday. Please share your presentations with me before class. Every group must be ready to go on Monday.