Wednesday, 11/30

Sophomores– All sophomores have the chance to redeem themselves and complete the assignment on commas. Here are the rules-

DO IT and then email me that you completed it. If you don’t email me, I won’t check to see if you made it up.

Juniors- 1. Finish annotating and writing about the chapter 2 quotes 2. study for the Gatbsy 1-20 vocabulary quiz- it is on Friday


Tuesday, 11/29

Sophomores- complete the assignment- commas

*If you are on the field trip tomorrow you are required to do this assignment AND finish reading Death of a Salesman from the following page through the Requiem.

Period 1 & 3- page 103

Period 7- The Requiem- page 110

Juniors- Read chapter 2- there is a reading quiz tomorrow

Thursday, 11/17


Periods 1 & 3- Unit 4 sentences (also finish the makeup work from class today)

Period 7- DOAS sentences

Juniors- 1. Finish defining the terms on 228 2. Annotate the epigraph and respond to the prompt in a paragraph

Wednesday, 11/16


Period 7- 1. finish and submit (to classroom) the Quoting Plays Practice Sheet 2. Sketch your DOAS vocabulary pictures

Periods 1 & 3- 1. Finish the Unit 4 vocabulary worksheet if you didn’t in class. 2. Read DOAS pages 64-74- take double columned notes, drawing big conclusions.

Juniors- Your John Proctor as Tragic Hero papers are due tomorrow PRINTED before class and on

Tuesday, 11/15


Periods 1 &3- 1. –> parts of a sentence 2. complete Quoting Plays Practice Sheet

Period 7- 1.–> parts of a sentence  due tomorrow 2. vocab pictures due Thursday.

Juniors- John Proctor as Tragic Hero paper due Thursday– PRINTED and on