Thursday, 2/28

Juniors- work on your Note-card assignment- there will be a lot of work starting next week!

Seniors- TONIGHT- read and annotate Act IV scene iii

Friday, EOC- Light and Dark project due to me.

Tuesday, 3/5- U7 vocab quiz

Period 7 only- Monday, 3/4- final drafts due!


Wednesday, 2/27

Juniors- work on your research and note-cards

Seniors- 1. Finish the 4 apparitions work 2. read and annotate Act IV scene ii


Period 2- study for the 21-40 vocab quiz
Period 4- same as period 2
Period 6- finish vocab comic strip & prepare for the quiz


Period 3- add final draft to
Period 7- work on your Light and Dark group-work

Tuesday, 2/12


Period 2- Romanticism 21-40 sentences

Period 4- Graphic Organizer due Thursday- bring it to class tomorrow

Period 6- Graphic Organizer due tomorrow


1. Act III scenes ii and iii annotated 2. Unit 7: Macbeth definitions and sentences due Thursday (due to POL)