Thursday, 10/31

Juniors- Work on your John Proctor outlines

Sophomores- Study for the unit 4 vocabulary quiz- it is tomorrow 


Wednesday, 10/30


1. Complete the chapter 13 and 14 questions.

2. Then, read about verbs and complete the work mentioned at the end of the document. Complete The Kite Runner questions and grammar work for homework if you don’t finish in class. We will go over The Kite Runner chapters and vocabulary in class tomorrow.

3. The vocabulary quiz is FRIDAY

Chapters 13 & 14


Juniors- Work on the Tragic Hero outline in the library. There is no homework.

Tuesday, 10/29


Class work- Complete the Scarlet Letter 21-40 vocab quiz, then work on your Tragic Hero outlines. There is no homework due Wednesday


Class work- 1. Complete the in-class writing assignment based on chapters 12 and 13. 2.- Read chapter 14 and take notes 3. Study Unit 4 vocabulary with a partner. The quiz has been moved to Thursday. If you finish all classwork there is no homework.

Wednesday, 10/23

Sophomores- Unit 4 sentences due tomorrow


period 2- none

period 4- rough draft of assertions and topic sentences

period 5- John Proctor as a tragic hero notes- apply the characteristics of a tragic hero to John Proctor. Provide specific examples.

period 7- none