Friday, 12/19

Sophomores- Complete your POL poster annotations

Juniors- Complete your POL poster annotations


Thursday, 12/18

Sophomores- Chapter 22 study guide

Juniors- find and PRINT or COPY 2 eligible poems from Reminder- it must be an American poet

Thursday (12/11)and Friday (12/12)

Thursday, 12/11

Juniors- Analyze quotes 1, 2, and 4 from Chapter 2. You will be handing this in tomorrow.

Sophomores- Read The Kite Runner chapter 20

Friday, 12/12

Juniors- Finish reading chapter 3 and the chapter 3 study guide. 

Sophomores- 1. Finish Exploros 8 if you didn’t in class 2. Finish the chapter 20 study guide if you were unable to in class.