Monday, 9/30

Sophomores- none

Juniors- Tragic Hero sheet


Wednesday, 9/25

Juniors- Read and take notes on Act II pages 49-60 (be sure to read the stage directions)

Sophomores- Work on your Of Mice and Men essay- it is due Monday- be sure to reference the Writing Tab under Sophomores for help. 

Monday, 9/23

Happy Birthday Huntley! 

Sophomores- 1. Exploros worksheet if you didn’t complete the activity over the weekend 2. Study for the Unit 2 Quiz

Juniors- Finish reading Act I (if we didn’t do so in class). 

Friday, 9/20

Juniors– Finish the Summarize vs. Analyze writing. If you were absent, you may find it under “The Crucible” tab. 

Sophomores- 1. Finish reading Of Mice and Men 2. Complete the Exploros 2 Activity