Friday, 2/27

Sophomores- Complete the Passive Voice reading and activity. Remember to take a screen shot of your work as proof! You won’t get credit without it!!

-If you were out, read the sheet. Then scroll to the bottom and click on Practice changing from passive to active here!

Complete the activity and TAKE A SCREEN SHOT OF IT FILLED OUT FOR CREDIT. You will not get credit without the screen shot of your original work

Period 4- If you missed class today because of the field trips, it is your responsibility to finish reading Death of a Salesman. We left off on page 101. It is also your responsibility to take the Unit 11 Quiz on Monday if you have not taken it already. 


1. Your original discussion board post is due by tomorrow (Saturday at 11:59 pm) 2. Your response to a classmate’s post is due by Sunday (11:59 pm).


Thursday, 2/26

Juniors- Poetry vocab sentences beginning on page 142

Period 1 reminder– Your original Gatsby blog posts are due by FRIDAY at 11:59 p.m. You should start working on them tonight. You will have about half of class tomorrow to work on them as well.

Sophomores- Study for the Unit 11 quiz- it is tomorrow

Monday, 2/23


FINISHING FROM CLASS: If you didn’t finish your leveling reflection, finish it tonight and hand it in tomorrow. If you didn’t finish the paragraph on the Leave it to Beaver vs. Death of a Salesman viewing analysis, finish it tonight. I am collecting it tomorrow.

1. Review pages 53-93 from Death of a Salesman– there is a quiz tomorrow

2. Look up and take detailed notes on the Tragic Hero.


Finishing from class: If you never made a Works Cited page for your Gatsby papers, please do so tonight. You will be able to hand it in tomorrow penalty free.

1. Complete the leveling reflection and hand it in tomorrow

2. Define the Poetry Terms on page 140 of your American Lit textbook.

Thursday, 2/12

Juniors- Complete your Great Gatsby paper outline. It is located in google classroom. 


1. You need to outline your assertion, topic sentences, and evidence with citations, but NOT your explanation/analysis of quotes.

2. Hit SUBMIT when you are done with this, or you won’t get credit!

Sophomores Finish the Act I study guide