Thursday, 6/9


Due tomorrow: Your original graphic novel and the 15-19 study guide.

Please bring your copies of Persepolis to class- I am collecting them tomorrow

Juniors- Review for final exam- Reminder- extra credit due Monday, 6/13!


Wednesday, 6/8

Sophomores- Chapter 19 of Perseopolis is due tomorrow. Your original Graphic Novel is due Friday

Juniors- Your film projects are due tomorrow

Tuesday, 6/7

Sophomores– Study for the Unit 10-18 vocabulary test- it is tomorrow

Juniors- Finalize your film projects and complete the extra credit!

Projects due Thursday, 6/9, Extra credit due Monday, 6/13

Friday, 6/3

Sophomores- Read Persepolis chapters 15-17 (period 5- we read chapter 15 together)

Reminder- vocab test on Wednesday, 6/8

Juniors- Scripts and videos are due Wednesday of next week, the 8th.

Extra credit is due Monday, 6/13