Wednesday, 10/31

Juniors- Add your Scarlet Letter 21-40 sentence to the google doc.

Seniors- Read and annotate The Knight’s description in the Prologue.


Special Sandy Alert

Students, be sure to have your homework due Monday ready to go for Tuesday, due to school’s cancellation.

Juniors- you must have your outlines PRINTED. I strongly suggest you print TONIGHT, just in case we lose power tomorrow. If you lost power tomorrow and cannot print, come into school early on Tuesday. If it isn’t printed, it’s late!

Thursday, 10/25

Juniors- 1. Scarlet Letter 21-40 vocabulary ws 2. continue your outlines, they are due Monday 10/29

Seniors- Define the following terms (They are characters in The Canterbury Tales):

abbot, franklin, friar, reeve, yeoman

Friday, 10/19

Juniors- Finish reading The Crucible– Act IV- TAKE NOTES on this last act

Seniors- page 195-213 Beowulf questions due Monday

You should also be working on your Beowulf and Archetypes Projects this weekend: Archetype Presentations will begin on Wednesday, October 24th- I will RANDOMLY select groups to present- so everyone must be prepared.