Monday, 10/31


Period 1: Checking tomorrow: The Death of a Salesman pages 18-30 study guide and Unit 3 sentences

Period 3: Finish the 18-30 study guide

Period 7- none

Juniors- Complete the Act IV study guide questions


Friday, 10/28


Complete the assigned reading from class and do the double-columned notes

Juniors- Read Act IV of The Crucible

Monday, 10/24

ALL COURSES- First quarter closes this Friday. I cannot accept any work after 2 p.m. Friday. This includes major writing assignments and extra credit. 


Periods 1 & 3-

     1) Your OMAM Essay is due by Wednesday

2) The Unit 3 vocab worksheet is due Wednesday

3) The extra credit is due Thursday

Period 7-

1) Your OMAM Essay is due by Wednesday

2) The extra credit is due Thursday


Juniors- Finish reading Act III- there will be an act III quiz by the end of this week







Wednesday, 10/19


Periods 1 & 3- Your outlines are due tomorrow

Period 7- You have a quick vocabulary quiz tomorrow on Of Mice and Men chapters 5 & 6 (6 words) AND your outline is due tomorrow

Juniors- Your RTPA resubmissions are due Friday