Tuesday, 9/30

Juniors-  Edit and review the Unit 2 Sentences- if a sentence is correct, mark it right, if it is wrong please fix it.


Period 4-  Read the last chapter of Of Mice and Men and complete the Noun Phrase worksheet

Period 5- Noun Phrase worksheet


Monday, 9/29

Juniors- Work on your RTPA- it is due at the EOC tomorrow, so you should dedicate at least 30 minutes to it tonight.


Period 4- FINISH the annotations and assertion from chapter 5

Period 5- Finish only the annotations of chapter 5 for tomorrow

Thursday, 9/25

Juniors- 1. Finish The Crucible vocabulary worksheet if you didn’t do so in class. 2. All of Young Goodman Brown is due tomorrow (read and annotated)

Sophomores- Read Of Mice and Men Chapter 5 REMINDER- Exploros Exercise 2 is due by class tomorrow

Wednesday, 9/24

Juniors- On the Rich-Text Passage Analysis Handout (Young Goodman Brown), do the following for tomorrow:

1. Thorough annotation practicing skills learned in class 2. a summary 3. an analytical assertion about the passage

2. All of Young Goodman Brown must be read and annotate for Friday, 9/26