Thursday, 12/1


Periods 1 + 3- study for the Unit 5 vocab quiz

Period 7- define the poem structure terms in your Poetry Packets

Juniors- study for the Gatsby 21-40 vocab quiz


Tuesday, 12/13


Periods 1 & 3- 1. Define the types of poems (poetry packet) 2. write Unit 5 sentences

Period 7- Define the types of poems- In your Poetry Packet on classroom- don’t hit submit!

Juniors- work on your JP as TH resubmissions- Period 5- due tomorrow! Please be sure to PRINT it and put it on !

Friday, 12/9

Sophomores- Your Willy Loman papers are due Monday- PRINTED and on


Period 5- 1. Gatsby 21-40 sentences 2. Read and annotate T.S. Eliot’s “The Waste Land”

Period 6- The entire “Waste Lands” assignment is due Monday- the annotation, graphic organizer, and paragraph. Please be sure you upload your paragraph to



Wednesday, 12/7


Periods 1 & 3- Students must have their introduction paragraph and first body paragraph complete for tomorrow. You must use google docs.

Period 7- Students must have their introduction, body paragraphs 1 & 2 done for tomorrow

Juniors- Gatsby vocabulary worksheet words 21-40

Tuesday, 12/6


Periods 1 + 3- work on your essays

Period 7- Write your introduction and first body paragraph- due tomorrow

Juniors- 1. Finish the PIE exercise from class and submit it to classroom. 2. Fill out the chapters 1-3 discussion guide

Monday, 12/5


Outline the following in your essay packets- assertion, three topic sentences, your 6 quotes (write them out completely and include the page number)

Juniors- Finish the chapter 3 Jay Gatsby work