Friday, 10/31

Sophomores- Read chapters 8+ 9

Juniors- Complete the Tragic Hero outline


Wednesday, 10/29


Period 6- Finish reading Act III- the vocab quiz is on Friday

Period 1- Finish the last 2 pages of Act III and…

Choose any important quote from Act III- record it- write one paragraph identifying WHY it is an important quote. Reminder- vocab quiz on Friday

Sophomores- Read chapter 7 from The Kite Runner. Reminder- Unit 5 vocab quiz on Friday.

Friday, 10/24

Sophomores- 1. Finish the 1-3 study guide and 2. read chapters 4-6- be prepared to discuss them Monday-

Reminder- period 4’s rewrites are due Monday. If you are absent be sure to email it to me- I will not accept it after Monday.

Juniors- Complete the Act II quote annotation and analysis

Thursday, 10/23

Juniors- Study for the SL 21-40 quiz- it is tomorrow

Sophomores– Study for the Unit 4 quiz- it is tomorrow

Reminder for Period 5- your rewrites are due tomorrow. If you do not get them to me tomorrow I will not accept them! 

Period 4- your rewrites are due Monday