Friday, 2/28


1. Be sure you finished the Passive Voice classwork ( –> Grammar/Writing–> Sophomore Grammar–> Spring Semester, Passive Voice)

2. Read and answer the questions on “A Real Durwan”

3. Write a rough assertion on one theme from Interpreter of Maladies


Period 2- Complete the entire metaphor sheet

Period 4- 1. Finish the metaphor sheet 2. Write a rough assertion on W.C.B’s use of metaphor

Period 5- Complete the entire metaphor sheet

Period 7- Complete entire metaphor sheet


Thursday, 2/27

Juniors- study for the Romanticism 21-40 quiz- it is tomorrow

Sophomores- 1. study for the Unit 12 quiz 2. Complete the Interpreter of Maladies Theme work (3 themes, 3 quotes/theme).

Wednesday, 2/26


7- study for Friday’s vocab quiz   2- Read and annotate “To a Waterfowl” and Tenants worksheet    4- study for the vocab quiz on Friday      5- Read and annotate “To a Waterfowl” and Tenants worksheet

Sophomores- 1st side of Theme sheet

Tuesday, 2/25

Sophomores- 1. Unit 12 worksheet 2. “Interpreter of Maladies” ws

Juniors- Romanticism 21-40 ws (shared or paper copy)

Note well- the window for delivering your persuasive speech is now closed. You will not receive credit for that portion of the assignment. If you have not handed it in, you MUST by Tuesday for partial credit.



1. Read “A Temporary Matter” and answer the questions

2. Record Unit 12 vocabulary words

All “Death of a Salesman” Outlines should be on by now


1. Read and annotate “Thanatopsis” on page 92 of your American Lit textbooks. Do a thorough annotation.

2. Answer the “Thanatopsis” questions.

All Persuasive Speeches should be on by now

Wednesday, 2/12

Sophomores- 1. Unit 11 worksheet 2. study for Unit 11 Quiz- it’s TOMORROW

Juniors- study for the Romanticism 1-20 Quiz- it’s TOMORROW. DO NOT rely on a snow day! Also, add your Persuasive Speech to