Tuesday, 4/30


Periods 2 & 6- none

Period 4- Movie/Book Review

Seniors- Chapters 14 & 15 are due tomorrow


Monday, 4/29


Period 2- Define Poetry Terms on page 140-141. Read and annotate the following poems- “Song of Myself”, “I Hear America Singing”, and “When I Hear the Leaned Astronomer”- this was all classwork, but finish it if you didn’t get to in class.

Period 4- Read and annotate “Song of Myself” on pages 146-147

Period 6- None- if you finished the classwork (I Hear America Singing, When I Heard the Learned Astronomer, O Captian! My Captian)

Seniors- Finish the 12 + 13 questions if you didn’t have enough time. Chapters 9-13 Quiz TOMORROW.

Friday, 4/26


Period 2- finish the Movie Reflection questions if you didn’t finish it in class. You are to hand this in on Monday. Each response should be at least one paragraph

Period 4- Define Poetry Devices on pages 140-141.

Period 6- Finish the following- Poetry Devices on pages 140-142 AND read and thoroughly annotate Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself” on pages 146-1476


Period 3 + 7- Finish the Tortoise Story Board if you didn’t get to finish it in class. Read chapter 13- it’s due Monday.

Tuesday, 4/23


Period 2- Chapter 18 due tomorrow

Period 4- Chapter 18 due tomorrow

Period 6- Chapters 17 and 18 due tomorrow


Period 3- Chapter 10 due tomorrow

Period 7- Chapter 10 due tomorrow + Things Fall Apart Project Design

April Vacation Homework


Period 2- Read Into the Wild chapters 11-13

Period 4- Read Into the Wild chapters 12-14

Period 6- Rough Drafts due Monday, April 22nd PRINTED B.O.C. Be sure to remember to put it on turnitin.com

Seniors– Chapter 9 due Monday, April 22nd