Thursday, 4/30

Juniors- Study for the RRN 1-20 quiz- it is tomorrow

Sophomores- Study for the Unit 15 quiz- it is tomorrow


Wednesday, 4/29

Sophomores- Read and annotate Chapter 1: The Veil. Be sure to identify the new Graphic Novel terms we went over today- panel, bleed, gutter, closure (what is your personal closure?). Also look for the normal elements of the story- characterization, devices, etc.

Juniors- I am checking the following tomorrow: 1. Classwork- Nature annotated, Nature study guide 2. Read and annotate Self-Reliance found on page 129. 

Tuesday, 4/28

Sophomores- Define terms 11-20- they must be hand-written for credit. Also complete the association question.

Juniors- Your Compare/Contrast essays are due tomorrow- don’t forget to put them on AND bring a printed copy to class!

Monday, 4/27

Sophomores- Define Persepolis terms 1-10. These definitions must be HAND WRITTEN for credit.

Juniors- Your Compare/Contrast Gothicism essays are due Wednesday, 4/29. They must be put on 


Sophomores- I am checking the following Monday, 4/27-

1. Collecting Poetry Portfolios- see shared google doc 2. Checking Unit 15 vocab sentences

Juniors- I am checking the following Monday, 4/27

1. RRN 1-20 worksheet 2. Compare/Contrast Essay Outline (handout)