Friday, May 24th


1. “The Yellow Wallpaper” COMPLETELY annotated

2. Realism 21-40 sentences                                          *both assignments due Tuesday*

Reminder- They Yellow Wallpaper is worth multiple homework grades and must be COVERED with annotations.

Seniors- study for your final

Friday, May 17th


Periods 2 & 4- read and annotate Chapter 18 from Huck Finn

Period 6- Define Regionalism terms on page 163 AND Read and annotate chapter 17 from Huck Finn (pages 178-182).

Seniors- None 🙂 presentations begin Monday

Thursday, May 16th


Periods 2 and 4- Read and annotate Chapter 17 from Huck Finn

Period 6- 1. The second side of Dickinson Bio sheet 2. Read and annotate poems on pages 156-157

Seniors- Chapters 21-25 Quiz tomorrow