Thursday, 1/31

Juniors- 1. Romanticism terms, page 84 2. Romanticism 1-20 sentences


Period 3: Unit 6: Macbeth sentences

Period 7: 1. Unit 6: Macbeth definitions and sentences 2. Act II scene i annotated


Tuesday, 1/29

Juniors and Seniors-

Poetry Out Loud class competitions start tomorrow!

Be sure to bring a PRINTED copy of your poem to class

Thursday, 1/17

Juniors- study for your midterms!

Seniors- Rough Drafts are due tomorrow. This is worth 2 test grades on 3rd quarter- it is very important that you hand this in on time. If you are absent tomorrow, please be aware that your Rough Draft is due Tuesday, 1/22, even though we do not have our exam that day. You will lose 10 points per day starting the day you return to school.

and… for your midterm!

Monday, 1/14


Period 2- reflection on persuasive speeches, study for midterm

Period 4- Memorize your POL poem, study for midterm

Period 6- persuasive speech reflection, study for midterm

Seniors- Macbeth Act I review, study for midterm

Friday, 1/10

Juniors- Memorize your POL poems completely

Seniors- Macbeth Act I scenes vi and vii are due Monday (annotated). Finalize your POL poem and bring a PRINTED copy to class on Monday.

Also, Research Paper Rough Drafts due Friday, 1/18