Friday, 1/30

Juniors- 1. Finish the chapter 6 study guide and 2. Read chapter 7 for Monday

Sophomores- 1. Record Unit 10–> Under grade 10 SPRING semester 2. Finish the note-taking outline (at least 5 things per bubble) 


Tuesday, 1/6

Sophomores- Chapter 23 study guide

If time permits you- start Chapter 24 (it’s tomorrow night’s homework and it’s long AND work on your POL recitations

Juniors- Practice your POL recitations including TONE and dramatic appropriateness

Mondday, 1/5


Period 4 Finish your tone map on the grid provided in class

Period 5- Your tone map should be finished AND you must complete the Unit 9 worksheet

Both classes- if you didn’t do the reading over break (chapter 23) you need to play catch-up tonight! 

Chapter 24 is LONG- if you have time, start it now.

Juniors- Finish your tone map for POL AND complete the Modernism 21-40 vocabulary worksheet

If you didn’t do the reading over break (chapter 5) you need to play catch-up tonight!