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Friday, 9/7

Juniors- periods 2,4,6

Colonialism vocabulary sentences 1-20 in the Yellow American literature book.

Seniors- periods 3 &7

Beowulf definitions sentences 1-20 in the Purple British and World literature textbook.


Thursday, 9/6

All classes- no homework- BUT…

If you still have not sent me the link to your blog- do it ASAP!

Wednesday, 9/5`

Juniors and Seniors-

1. email me the link to your blog if you have not done so already

2. expectation sign-off sheet

these are both due by Friday

3. Your class-specific writing prompt, located on the home page of this site. This is due by tomorrow

Introduction to Beowulf- students as teachers

Introduction to Beowulf

1. arrange yourselves into six, somewhat equal groups. Once you are arranged I will assign each group a topic

2. Create an informative blog entry OR poster on the topic assigned to your group (you only have to post on one blog). Use image(s) and be sure to CITE your work. You may want to ask yourself- is this a reliable source? You are to become masters of this subject and present it to your classmates.

Group 1- The Anglo-Saxons

  • be sure to include a brief history- who were they? where did they come from? what were their customs and traditions?

Group 2- Comitatus

  • explain what this term means in terms of the Anglo-Saxons.

Group 3- heroic ideal

  •   what is the heroic ideal to the Anglo-Saxons?

Group 4- wergild

Group 5- wyrd

Group 6- Epic poetry/ Heroic epic 

British and World Literature writing prompt, Wednesday 9/5

First, please finish setting up your blog. 

Once your blog is ready to go, answer the following in-class writing prompt in no less than 350 words.

Describe a personal and contemporary hero in your life. What qualities do he or she possess that are unique from the rest of society?

Please keep in mind that this is not a major assignment. It is class-work, and if you do it completely you will receive full credit.

Keep in mind, your blog is public! So only write something you are comfortable sharing with the class. 

American Literature writing prompt- Wednesday, 9/5

This is in class work once you have set up your blog.

Please answer the following prompt as completely as possible on your blog. Keep in mind- this is not graded. This is more to incite class discussion and to act as a starting point for our American Literature course.

In your own words, what does it mean to be an American?

There is a 350 word minimum for this open response. If you complete it entirely, you will receive a 4/4 on this assignment.

Keep in mind, your blog is public! So only write something you are comfortable sharing with the class.